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Friday is absolutely the worst day of the week for me.  Tuesday is a vastly


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Just wanted to note that I get calls from people looking for Palm developers
fairly regularly.  Opportunities that come my way these days are probably
not going to be things that I can jump on due to other work, but if anyone
with Palm OS experience is looking for work (contract or full-time employee)
let me know and I'll be sure to notify you.

There's a lot of negative hype about Palm OS, at least in in certain
circles, but thanks in large measure to the Treo 650 the platform seems to
keep growing.  It's hard to say what will happen with the Linux-based
version when it's released in the coming year, but I'm cautiously
optimistic.  As for the upcoming Windows version of the Treo, I'm sure it
will sell well over time, but January seems like the worst possible time to
release a product like this.  And it sounds like it may have too little
memory to really run Windows Mobile 2005 well.  We'll see.

Looking forward to talking about this and other things at the Jan 28

David Beers
Pikesoft Mobile Computing
Skype ID: pikesoft

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