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Chris also mentions he's interested in 3D accelerated graphics on mobile 

On that note, anyone have a feel for how OpenGL ES adoption has been?  I used 
to follow it back when we were waiting for Palm OS Cobalt to hit the market, 
but don't have a feel now for whether this has become a widely deployed 
technology or not.


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  Warm CoMoDev welcome to= Chris Fedde of Eclipse Software in Greeley. Chris 
says he's= interested in the group because he's currently experimenting with 
various= mobile devices/OSes.
 I know it's short notice, Chris, but if= you can make it down to Denver 
tonight we're having our March= meeting:
 Time: =A0=A0=A0Thurs Mar 22,= 6:30pm-8:00pm
 Place: =A0=A0Offices of NewsGator, 950 17th= St. Suite 2500, downtown Denver
 Sponsor: NewsGator= (www.newsgator.com)
 Refreshments: drinks, sandwiches, chips= provided by CoMoDev
 If not, maybe next time.
 David Beers, Moderator
 Colorado Mobile Developers
 Skype ID: pikesoft
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