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On the other hand, maybe I should continue honing my MS Smart Phone skills
in anticipation of MS being the market leader a year or two from now :-)





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Subject: Two Interesting Links


Hey All,


Here are two links that you might find interesting and encouraging:


Global <http://www.canalys.com/pr/2005/r2005012.htm>  mobile device
shipments hit new peak in Q4 2004 

*       Voice-centric devices (smart phones/feature phones) up 101% 
*       Nokia ships almost 5 million smart phones in the quarter, remains
leader and increases share 

SuperWaba <http://www.superwaba.com.br/en/mostraNews.asp?n=24>  5.0 Released
- "we are releasing a starting support for the Symbian smartphones platform.
Most programs will now run on Symbian just by packaging them with Exegan
/sis option."

It may finally be time to take SuperWaba for a spin.  I hope David's
experience with SuperWaba has been positive; it sounds like it has.



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