[CoMoDev] Re: The state of Java for Palm OS

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  • Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 10:47:46 -0600

Hi David. Yes, I'm reading this :).
Tonight is going to be focused on coming up to speed on J2ME MIDP, so I'm
not going to much into PalmOS stuff. But you should certainly have a good
understanding of what's available in MIDP when I'm done tonight, so I'd
actually be interested in having a discussion on this list about the
differences between the two. And I do cover the acronyms tonight, so you'll
be able to spew them with the best of 'um. :). I'm not going into IBM's WME,
but I do give it a mention. Mostly I'm using the WTK because it's free for
people to get started with.

I'll make the PP (or will PDF them) available after the talk. They usually
post the slides on the djug site.

I'll probably be getting there only moments before you do...but please stop
by and say hi!

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A reminder that CoMoDev member Sue Spielman's J2ME bootcamp is tonight. See
http://www.denverjug.org/index.html for details.  I'll be there, although I
plan to sneak in at 7pm, after the first presenter. Anyone else going?

I'm not fanatical about Java... honest.  In fact I've yet to write a Java
app for a handheld.  I was waiting for the J2ME PDA Profile, which now looks
like it will never come.  But IBM seems to be filling in the gap lately with
its Websphere Micro Environment, so I'm starting to think about it again as
I ponder how best to develop apps that can run on multiple OSes: Palm,
PocketPC, Linux, x86 Windows, etc.

Here's a very nice overview of the state of Java (J2ME) for the Palm OS that
clarified a number of things for me and firmed up my resolve to go to Sue's
J2ME presentation in Denver tonight:


Note: there are a number of helpful links at the end of the article, but
they try to resolve to pages on the Mobile Pipeline web site, even thought
they are external links.  So if you want to follow them, cut and paste into
your browser.  

If you're as befuddled as I am about the seemingly overworked terminology
and acronyms of J2ME, here's a glossary by the same author, and a more
detailed explanation of the core concepts such as "Configurations" and


I know, I know.  I've been reading stuff like that for two years and still
don't feel I have the faintest clue about J2ME.  What I'm hoping to get a
feel for tonight is (a) what the GUI for the Mobile Information Device
Profile (MIDP) looks like (compared to the Palm and PocketPC GUIs) and (b)
an idea--maybe just an inkling--of some of the functionality I stand to lose
with MIDP as compared to the Palm OS or Pocket PC Win32 APIs.  I suspect a
fair amount of what I might be interested will be found in some of the
optional packages and Sue probably won't have much time to get into those.  

I've already been asked to take some notes by one person who can't make the
meeting, so perhaps what I'll do is post them here, or at least a link to
them.  Sue (if you're reading this) will there be a PowerPoint presentation
that will be available online?  Also, will we be getting to see IBM's WME in
operation tonight, by any chance?

Thanks in advance for doing this presentation.  I'm looking forward to it!


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