[CoMoDev] Re: Symbian and the missing sync

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I ran across a related link about a week ago...


... Nokia must also see this as an issue... they are licensing Microsoft
Exchange Server ActiveSync.  It doesn't provide an answer for moving data
between your pc and device, but it does bridge the gap between the device
and what most people, using Exchange Server anyway, want to get at (email,
PIM, and calendar)

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Since we'll be talking about Symbian Tuesday, I thought this piece was
interesting.  Having got my start in mobile development with the Palm OS I
especially got a kick out of the last paragraph.


I haven't had a chance to actually synchronize my Nokia 6620 with the PC yet
because (1) there's no cable, much less a cradle for connecting the two, and
(2) the Ambicom USB Bluetooth adapter I bought a year ago doesn't support
the serial profile needed for synchronizing with the phone.  Once I get a
new adapter I plan to size up the PIM (and app data) sync situation and
report my findings.  There's a little thing called SyncML that Symbian (or
maybe it's Nokia) is supporting now that isn't mentioned in this article,
but might be the "missing sync."


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