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My framework was targeting Pocket PCs for starters keeping in mind Symbian
and other OSs. I've been using C# because it's a lot easier for me to deal
with screen in C#. I yet have to relearn the ways to do it in Java.
But basically yes, I went down to canvas, getting rid of all PPC controls
except 3 of them: Textbox, ListBox and ScrollBar (not 3 types of controls,
but 3 controls per form), the rest was drawn on canvas. For the first
version I just wanted to get it out quicker so used these controls. 

The framework was not the goal. The goal was to develop a certain class of
business apps really quickly. The app I had in mind would have at least 50
screens packed with data and a database with syncing with enterprise app. No
data crunching but just searching-viewing-editing data - CRM. 
What would you say about developing such an app within one week?
What would you say about UI performance if you had > 50 regular controls on
your screen? My app had a performance of 3-conrol screen :)
It's too bad I didn't complete it :(  But may be some day ...


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So Andrei,

It sounds like you tried to implement your own form framework on top of
lcdui.Canvas instead of using the lcdui.Form class.  That's something I've
been thinking about for a while but wasn't going to undertake until I had
someone who wanted to pay me while was doing it. :-)  

Or maybe I misunderstand and you're not using MIDP at all.  Are you
developing for the Personal Profile or one of the other profiles that's in
the CDC?  I haven't tried doing any CDC development yet since I've been more
interested in targeting smartphones and PDAs than set-top boxes and Internet

Heh, truth is, J2ME is easy: it's learning what all the acronyms mean that's
a challenge! :-)

David Beers
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 On Thu, 14 Jul 2005 13:05:34 -0600, Andrei P. wrote:
> I'm working with J2ME since mid May. Interested in any info about it.
> May be you guys had this discussion in the past, but I'd like to know how
> you overcome a "small screen" problem, which seems to be the most serious
> one in my apps. I guess everybody has tricks to share. At some point I
> made the whole form framework based on XML descriptions for forms, but
> didn't have time to complete it.
> So a possible topic could be: Solution for small screen problem.
> Regards,
> Andrei Podoplelov
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> Hey folks!
> We've all been kinda quiet since the June meeting.  Either we're buried
> work (I've got my hand up) or on a summer break.  Anyway, just wanted to
> give a big thanks again to Kevin Price for a great preso on RFID that was
> jammed with a lot of good information.  The nutshell message I came away
> with was slightly scary: RFID is a loose umbrella term for a bunch of
> related technologies, many of which are not necessarily ready for prime
> but are getting pushed into prime time any way by a few early adopters
> the market clout to force adoption more widely.  The other message: it's
> coming now, but beware the hype.  RFID has its place, but physics,
> engineering, and economics dictate that barcoding is going to be around
> quite some time and RFID will emerge gradually.  Sounded to me like the
> biggest opportunity in the near term may be for RFID-related services:
> companies that come in when an RFID deployment hasn't gone as planned and
> figure out how to fix the situation.
> So... we've got about 12 days before our next meeting and I thought I'd
> the usual request out for presentations.  Anybody got something they'd
> to show or talk about?  Requests for things they'd like someone else to
> about?  Don't be shy!
> I've been thinking maybe we should try to get Darren Shaffer back for
> another .NET CF presentation.  I don't know if that could happen this
> (heck, I'm not sure we could get him back at all after the debacle at Rock
> Bottom Brewery last year) but I'm throwing it out there.  Another
> are people interested in hearing a little about J2ME?  Something like
> "Writing GIS applications that run on a $99 handset"?  Let me know.
> Cheers!
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