[CoMoDev] Next mtg: Tues Apr 26

  • From: David Beers <cervezas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <comodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 13:09:00 -0600

Hey folks, it's that time again!  We'll be meeting this coming Tuesday at 
Countermind again in Littleton (thanks Rachel) at the usual 6:30-8:00pm time.  
See www.comodev.com if you need directions.

I'll do a little preso and demo about SyncML and will leave plenty of time for 
open discussion on whatever else is on people's minds.  Next month, by the way, 
I won't be making the meeting since I'll be at the PalmSource DevCon.  I'll 
give a report on my adventures in San Jose at the June meeting, which might be 
a good start for another discussion about where mobile platforms are going in 
the US (and abroad) in the coming years.  

Here are some interesting factoids for you to ponder in connection with this: 

1.  The number of  mobile phone users in China is now roughly equal to the 
entire population of the US.  
2.  Over half those devices are made in China and that proportion seems to be 
3.  It's projected that within three years most mobile devices in China will be 
running on a Linux kernel. (Not just "most smart phones": most mobile devices)

Things that make you go hmmm.

David Beers, Moderator
Colorado Mobile Developers
Skype ID: pikesoft

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