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Well, I've been *very* busy - a typical Q4.

But in the news, the big discussions/debates has been the recent acquisition
of CMS by PalmSource and PalmSource's announcement of a Palm OS shell on
Linux. Several articles at http://www.palminfocenter.com/. 

Have a merry christmas; 


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Hi folks,

It's been kinda quiet on the list. Maybe like me you guys have got your
heads so deep in code that you're not much able to write anything
withoutCamelBacking it or ending your sentences in embarrassing semi-colons;

Just ran across a mobile software developer blog that looks good and thought
I'd share: http://blog.mobilizedsoftware.com/

Once I get a chance to pick my head up and look around a little I think I'll
remember a bunch of other things I wanted to post, but that's in for now. 

David Beers
Pikesoft Mobile Computing

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