[CoMoDev] Mark your calendars: Jun 22 CoMoDev mtg.

  • From: David Beers <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <comodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 17:51:02 -0600

It seems like Jun 22 is going to work about as well for our next meeting as 
any, and for the sake of establishing some consistency I suggest we plan to 
meet the 4th Tuesday of every month (till death do us part!).  Let's keep the 
meeting time at 6:30 with the idea that people can get something to eat during 
the meeting and maybe get back home to their families at a reasonable hour.

This time around, for the sake of reducing ambient noise and air pollution I'll 
reserve the small banquet room at Rock Bottom Brewery.  If that isn't to our 
liking we'll try something else.

We'll have a couple of 20-30 minute show-and-tell presentations, one that's 
PocketPC-oriented and one that's Palm-oriented (as announced previously), plus 
I'd like to invite people to either suggest something they want to share or 
would to have someone else fill them in about.  This doesn't have to be 
anything like a formal presentation (although let me know if you want to do 
that).  It could be just relaying an experience or discovery that you think is 
interesting or would like some reaction to.  Or maybe showing off a new device 
that others might want to see.  Or maybe you want someone *else* to talk about 
something they know about that you don't know.  If you don't ask you might not 
find out what others are willing to share.

Here are some things I'd personally love to see go down at a meeting:

* Someone brings in a phone that runs Windows Mobile 2003 SmartPhone.  I really 
have no clue what this OS looks like.
* A smartphone that runs Symbian.  I'm even more clueless about that.  Has 
anyone ever programmed anything for Symbian?
* Some software running on a handheld of any sort that was written with J2ME 
(Java Mobile Edition).  I'm particularly curious to see what the UI is like.
* Do we have anyone who does enterprise stuff involving synchronizing handheld 
data with SQL Server, Oracle, or other enterprise server applications?  Can you 
tell us what kind of technology you have found is best for this?
* Someone sharing how they write contracts. (Maybe we all bring in a copy of 
our favorite boilerplate and compare?)
* Someone to talk about shareware development: any advice about how to do 
registration keys?  can you make enough money for it to be worth your time? 
experiences, please!

Some stuff I can probably talk about if people are interested (mostly Palm OS 

* Writing GPS applications for the Palm
* Getting started writing conduits for synchronizing data on the Palm with a PC 
* Writing system "hacks" for the Palm (I've actually never done this but there 
is one I want to write and if someone wanted me to talk about this it would 
prod me into doing it)
* Satellite Forms: the good, the bad, and the ugly of writing cross-platform 
code with Satellite Forms
* Using alarms and/or notifications to get your Palm application to do stuff 
without user input (at a certain time, or when the user is in a certain 
location, etc.)
* Interesting GUIs involving animation
* I can start up a discussion about contracts if no one else wants to
* Offshoring: good news or bad news for programmers like us?

I could add a lot to both lists, in fact I could keep going forever, which 
would be bad.  But if you folks have time to jot down a few things like this 
for the rest of us to look over and respond to, that would be a great way for 
us to keep the meetings interesting for all.  I realize that not everyone is 
going to want to talk and some may be too shy to ask for other people to talk 
to them about stuff they'd like to know.  That's ok.  And not every topic of 
conversation has to be decided in advance or have a discussion leader. But as 
long as we have a few people take some initiative in this area we'll always 
have meetings that people look forward to.  


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