[CoMoDev] Last night's meeting

  • From: David Beers <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <comodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 18:23:33 -0600

Great to see a good group last night.  Thanks to Dick, who had made an 
announcement at the Denver VS.NET User Group meeting the night before, we had 
some new faces and the discussion among the 7 of us was lively.

We talked about and looked at Eclipse--IBM's open source development 
environment--and how it can be used for mobile development.  I used the 
SuperWaba Eclipse plug-in to show how you could develop apps in Java that would 
not only run on different mobile platforms (like Palms and PocketPCs) but would 
automatically adapt to the screen resolution and color depth supported by the 

One question that came up concerned whether you could access device-specific 
functionality from within a SuperWaba application, which runs in a VM like any 
other Java app.  The answer is yes, but you need to write a native library in 
whatever API exposes the desired functionality and then call that library from 
within your SuperWaba app.  This can be done for either Palm *or* PocketPC, 
though of course any app that depends on such a native library won't run on 
other platforms unless you write a similar library for those platforms. I was 
under the impression that such libraries were supported only on the Palm, but 
it's not the case: you can write them using eVC++ for Win CE devices or 
CodeWarrior (or PODS) for Palm.  

There was some interest in making Global Positioning Systems (GPS) our topic 
for next time.  We'll have to talk about how demos might work since GPS doesn't 
operate well indoors. Perhaps we can reserve a table outside (weather 
permitting) or maybe we even meet at a park and make it more of a picnic 
meeting.  Suggestions welcome.  Paging Jason Simpkins!  I'm hoping I can get 
this guy out to the August meeting since GPS (for aviation) is his bread and 
butter.  Jason, if you're reading this let us know if you can join us.  As 
those who attended last night can attest, "presentations" don't really have to 
be much more than something to provoke a little discussion, and can be very 

One thing I'd like to figure out with regard to GPS is how I could simulate a 
stream of GPS data for debugging purposes while I'm sitting (motionless and 
indoors) at my computer.  Maybe someone has worked this out, or if not, maybe 
I'll try to work it out myself in time for the next meeting.


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