[CoMoDev] Jeff Hawkins interview

  • From: David Beers <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 13:28:25 -0700

Jeff Hawkins fans will be interested in this interview in EE Times:  

It deals in part with Hawkins' work in computer intelligence (he claims he has 
a powerful new way to go about pattern recognition that will solve problems 
like computer vision and speech recognition).  He sees kind of a revolution 
taking place here starting in just a couple of years.  His work at the Redwood 
Neuroscience Institute that he founded recently now occupies about half his 

He also talks somewhat cryptically on the "next big thing" he's working on as 
CTO at PalmOne, where the other half of his time goes.  He can't say much about 
that but I always get inspired when I hear Hawkins say things like this:

"The smart phone is clearly going to be a major driver in all multimedia 
computing. In a few years we'll have 3 billion cell phones out there, and they 
will all be smart phones eventually. They will all have lots of memory, 
processors and operating systems.

"This is a huge sea change in the cell phone industry. You will see an upgrade 
cycle you could compare to the PC world going from character-based to 
graphical-based computers.

"Clearly, smart phones will be people's first and foremost browser, their first 
line of defense on e-mail. There will be more and more things no one has really 
talked about yet."

If it weren't for Hawkins and his Treo 600 I wonder where PalmOne (and the Palm 
OS) would be today.  Most likely on the way out.  But while he's around I will 
always be bullish on the future of the Palm OS.


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