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2. I went to the very first launch event of VS2005 in San Francisco and
specifically asked MS experts about that. The answer was NO. VS2005 is for
WM2003SE (Second Edition) and later. Personally I didn't try that, because I
don't have any WM2003 (not SE) device anymore, but I have PPC2002 and it
does not work.

3. "The better IDE" is Eclipse 3.1. But the better tool for J2ME is probably
WebSphere, because there is a specific SDK for each device like Pocket PC or
Palm and it allows you to debug the app like in VS. On other hand the latest
WSDD (WebSphere Studio Device Developer) I have, is v5.7.1 and it contains
Eclipse v2, which sucks if you have experience with v3.
J9 is IBM's java machine for portable applications. I always (since 1997 I
believe) liked IBM's JVM better. I recall at those years IBM's javac
(compiler) was like 10 or so times faster than Sun's one.
I use Eclipse for headless devices and can't advice about using it with PPC.
In my case it allows to debug the app remotely, seeing source code,
variables, threads, setting breakpoint etc. So I assume it's not worse with
PPC and I'd give it a shot.
If you want WSDD but won't be able to download it, you can borrow my demo,
but I won't make it to the meeting tomorrow, so Email me if you need.

Andrei Podoplelov

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See you all there. Just returned to US a few days
ago. SOme things have changed in the Mobile world
since I've been gone. Palm split off their
software division? A Treo model with WM2003? Very

And it looks like I need to fork up the $$ for VS
2005. I know this is an informal meeting and I
will get a chance to ask you guys some things,
but in case any of you wont be there and might
have an answer, here is what I want to ask:

1. VS 2005 std or pro? Looks like the main
differences are sql 2005 support, deployment
tools, and user experience (whatever that
means...."streamlined user experience"?). As long
as I can still make custom .cab files for mobile
devices with  the standard edition, I will go
that way.
2. Does VS2005 have an SDK for wm2003? I see
wm2003SE listed, but no wm2003. Since it is
suggested that VS2003 be un-installed, just want
to be sure I can support WM2003 apps.
3. I need to port a mobile app to java. My only
project with java was a desktop java app and I
used Eclipse. I actualy started with Netbeans but
never really got a handle on that IDE. Is there a
better IDE for J2ME? Webspere maybe? And I hear
the WebSphere JVM for PocketPC's is very good. I
think it's called "J9". 

Jeff Preston

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