[CoMoDev] January meeting

  • From: David Beers <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <comodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 18:59:11 -0700

Hi folks!  Hope everyone had a great holiday break.  Now it's time to plan our 
meeting schedule again--our next is scheduled for Jan 25, venue permitting. By 
popular demand I am talking with the folks at Microsoft Denver about using one 
of their conference rooms for future meetings.  I should know in the next day 
or two if that's available.  The goal is to get a regular place where a more 
formal presentation such as the one Darren Shaffer gave us in October can be 
made comfortably: ideally something with AV equipment.

The topic for the Jan meeting is open depending on who is interested in 
presenting.  I've got a demo I'd like to do that I think could spur some 
discussion in any of a few different directions: cross-platform development, 
"smart client" applications, and special-purpose rapid application development 
tools, among them.  Smart clients, as defined by Microsoft, are "easily 
deployed and managed client applications that provide an adaptive, responsive 
and rich interactive experience by leveraging local resources and intelligently 
connecting to distributed data sources."  Perhaps the simplest way to think of 
them is as applications that combine the best of fat and thin clients: the rich 
user experience, high developer productivity, and responsiveness of fat 
clients, plus the device adaptability, ease of deployment and change 
management, and online/offline support of thin (browser) clients. The 
application I will demonstrate (really two: a desktop designer and a mobile 
application engine) will show a way to do smart clients that emphasizes 
developer productivity and change management in a big way by developing tools 
and clients that are designed to create specific classes of applications.

Sounds more high-falutin than it actually is, but I figured I'd try out a 
little Microsoft-style razmatazz in hopes that we'll feel at home if they let 
us use one of their rooms! :-)

I'd really like this not to be the whole session, though, so we can hear/see 
some things that others would like to present.  Any other regulars (or new 
members) who would like to do a little show and tell of something they've been 
up to?

David Beers, Moderator
Colorado Mobile Developers

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