[CoMoDev] It's here: Palm OS Developer Suite 1.0

  • From: David Beers <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <comodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 06:24:49 -0600

Here's the announcement from PalmSource about the official release of PODS:


PalmSource is pleased to announce the availability of the alpha-testing
release of Palm OS Developer Suite (PODS), version 1.0.  This is a new
collection of tools supporting software development for Palm OS Cobalt and
Palm OS Garnet.

You can download this release from


It is available as a single ZIP file (230MB) or as a split ZIP file (twelve
20MB parts).   There are separate source code downloads for components
distributed under open source licenses.  This release is only intended to
run on systems with Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Windows XP; other
host operating systems, including older versions of Windows, are not
supported at this time.

This release should not be installed over an existing PODS 0.1.0 or 0.1.1
setup.  Please uninstall that version before installing this alpha
release.  Projects created in older versions of PODS will need to be recreated.

Key Features of PODS 1.0:

- support for development for Palm OS Protein APIs (x86 and ARM), 68K, and
PACE Native Objects
- based on the open-source Eclipse IDE, version 2.1.2 and Eclipse C/C++
Developer Tools, version 1.2.1.
- Managed Make support eliminates need to manually edit makefiles
- integrated debugging support for Palm OS Simulators, Palm OS Emulator
(POSE), and most devices with serial or USB connectivity
- standalone Palm OS Resource Editor with support for XRD resource format
- integrated build environment and command-line build tools
- bundled SDKs and simulators for Palm OS Garnet (5.4 and earlier) and Palm
OS Cobalt (6.0.1)

This is an alpha-testing release, covered under the Prototype Agreement of
the PalmSource developer program.  We are planning on an official 1.0
release later this summer, so please download and evaluate this software at
your earliest opportunity.  There are known bugs listed in the release
notes that will be fixed, but we are also interested in having you to
report any problems you find with PODS to PalmSource using the bug
reporting form at


Our highest priority is solving problems with the build tools, the Palm
OS-specific preferences, and debugging.  Issues that are specific to the
Eclipse environment outside the scope of our integration with PalmSource's
tools may not be addressed before the 1.0 final release.  All bug reports
will be reviewed by PalmSource tools developers, but you will not get a
direct response to your reports.

(This announcement has also been posted to the palm-dev-forum, pno-forum,
and protein-forum mailing lists.)

-- Ben Combee, DTS technical lead, PalmSource, Inc.
    Read "Combee on Palm OS" at http://palmos.combee.net/



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