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  • From: "Sue Spielman" <sspielman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 13:17:10 -0600

Hi all. First, I think that David is definitely on to something good
starting this group up and I'm glad to participate. It is a little hard for
me to plan out and make the meetings because I travel a lot, so I'll try and
make as many meetings as possible. But I'm always on email and have been
paying attention to the discussions. This looks like it will be a good
bunch. Anyway, here's my intro/bio. Sorry if it's more than some want to
know...but it's from the jacket of the latest book, and I'm too lazy to edit
it down :). Looking forward to meeting and exchanging ideas with everyone.

Sue Spielman is the president and senior consulting engineer of Switchback
Software (http://www.switchbacksoftware.com), a consulting firm that
specializes in the architecture, design, and implementation of business and
Web application development using the latest in J2EE and J2ME technologies.
She is also the CEO/CTO of Mobilogics (http://www.mobilogics.com), a company
focused on building software for the mobile data services market that
utilizes LBS and geospatial technologies. Based in Denver, Colorado, she is
a featured and sought-after speaker at technical conferences domestically
and internationally. Sue is an author for Java.net, is a columnist for
O'Reilly's OnJava.com, and has frequently been published in industry
magazines including Software Development, JavaPro, XML-Web Services, and
Devx.com. She's the author or coauthor of a number of Java-related books,
including J2EE 1.4: Professional to Expert (Apress, 2004), The Struts
Framework: A Practical Guide for Java Programmers (MK, 2002), JSTL:
Practical Guide for Java Programmers (MK, 2003), and The Web Conferencing
Book (Amacom, 2003). In addition to her technical background, Sue serves as
a technical expert witness for domestic and international clients involved
in multimillion dollar lawsuits.

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