[CoMoDev] Interesting bits from CeBit

  • From: David Beers <cervezas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <comodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 08:49:03 -0700

It's always fun to see what comes out of the CeBit trade show.  A lot of the 
stuff is more exciting from a user/consumer standpoint than from a software 
development standpoint, but there are certain things I always look for to help 
give me an idea of how healthy the mobile market will be and what directions it 
may take in the coming years.

One of those things is power storage technology.  I've long felt that the 
biggest thing holding back really revolutionary uses of mobile devices is the 
fact that battery technology has failed miserably at keeping up with the rest 
of the mobile device technology.  Ask yourself why voice isn't the primary 
human interface to your handheld, tablet, or laptop today and the answer will 
come down to the fact that the processor needed to do really good voice 
recognition would drain the lithion-ion battery cells so quickly that your 
mobile device would spend half its time plugged into an immobile wall socket.  
Until we resolve this issue, forget about really good broadband wireless 
applications, too.

Here's the news item I've been waiting to see for a couple of years now:  this 
looks like the year for commercial fuel cells for laptops and handheld devices. 


There are plenty of things to work out before this will be replacing batteries 
en masse, but it's encouraging news for the future of mobile devices and 


David Beers
Pikesoft Mobile Computing

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