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Hey All,


For those interested in .NET who haven't discovered Carl Franklin's show,
DotNetRocks <http://www.dotnetrocks.com/> , you should take a look.  I
highly recommend it; Carl and Rory Blyth talk about all things .NET related
and conduct interviews with some of the industry leaders.  The show is funny
and educational - great stuff.  Check it out!


-Kevin Cawley 



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        Again for those of you that are interested in .NET, this is a very
good newsletter to join.


Mark Moss



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I realize it has been a long time since I have sent out a newsletter, and a
lot of great things are happening at Franklins.Net and in the .NET Community
at large. 

Here are the items I'd like to tell you about:


A) ZipUpdate: New clean auto-deployment and updating code from yours truly
B) New .NET Rocks! Website: http://www.dotnetrocks.com
C) VB.NET Classes Upgraded!
D) PDF Transcripts of .NET Rocks! episodes!
E) Mondays Website gets a facelift: http://mondays.pwop.com
F) Video: How to use a BitTorrent client with podcasting support
G) DevConnections coming up in Orlando this Spring
H) Free one-day Mini-Code Camp VB.NET Version with yours truly in Boston
I) Let Pwop produce and host a killer podcast for you!
J) FileMover: Component to copy and/or move files asynchronously with status
K) Unsubscribe

VB.NET Master Class Spring Schedule:
February 7-11 
April 4-8 
June 6-10 
Whidbey Classes will start in June!

ASP.NET Master Class Spring Schedule:
February 21-25
March 7-11
May 9-13
Whidbey Classes will start in June!

A Launcher: Clean auto-deployment and auto-updating code from Franklins.Net
So I was not satisfied with all of the options for auto-deploying .NET apps
in version 1.1, and rather than waiting for ClickOnce, which only works in
v2.0 anyway, I sat down and designed and developed a simple and effective
solution. Launcher is a VB.NET project called you can copy to a new dev
directory and modify for each application you want to auto-deploy. Change
four variables, rebuild, create a deployment project for Launcher and
distribute it.


When your user runs Launcher, everything happens automatically. Launcher
prompts the user for downloading a newer version if one is available,
downloads, unzips, and runs the app. If offline, Launcher simply runs the
current version. The logic here is easy to mofify to suit your needs. The
zip file is downloaded in chunks using the asynchronous model, and unzipped
asynchronously as well.


Note that this application works well with small projects but not so well
with large projects. Because a new zip file is downloaded whenever there are
any changes, if the zip file is too large your user may get impatient. Also,
make sure that your application generates any settings files itself. That
way, you don't run the risk of overwriting your settings whenever you update
the application.


B New .NET Rocks! Website: http://www.dotnetrocks.com
This new website was designed by Nukeation ( <http://www.nukeation.com>
www.nukeation.com), and we couldn't be happier with the results. Nuff said.
Just go check it out!

C VB.NET Classes Upgraded
As you may know, I'm always tweaking the VB.NET Master Class by adding and
dropping topics. The VB.NET Master Class topics list had not been updated in
a while, so it has now been updated. There is more of a focus on building
components in the class now, delving into the more challenging material and
leaving some of the easy stuff behind. This is a good time to take the
VB.NET Class! http://www.franklins.net/vbnetmc.aspx

D PDF Transcripts of .NET Rocks! episodes!
We are in the process of transcribing all of the .NET Rocks! shows into PDF
format. Check out the download list to see if there's a Transcription. All
of the shows will eventually be transcribed, but we're starting with the
most current and going backward in time. Transcription provided by Pwop
Productions (http://www.pwop.com)

E Mondays Website gets a facelift: http://mondays.pwop.com
Mondays is the .NET Rocks! spin-off show that contains all the goofy stuff
and more that we used to do in DNR. I will warn you that this is an adults
only show. Definitely Rated R. We've updated this website as well.

F Video: How to use a BitTorrent client with podcasting support
If you're interested in how to set up the Azureus Bittorrent client with
support for downloading podcasts via BitTorrent, check out this free video
by Geoff Maciolek and myself. We are implementing a BitTorrent only podcast
feeds policy for .NET Rocks! and Mondays.

G DevConnections coming up in Orlando this Spring
March 20-23, 2005 at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Hotel, Orlando,
Florida. Visual Studio, ASP.NET, and SQL Connections returns to the home of
Disney World, Orlando, Florida. Come join us for the latest and greatest
information on your favorite development platform, Visual Studio .NET!
Learn about Visual Studio .NET 2003, and be one of the first to see the next
version, Visual Studio .NET 2005 (code-named Whidbey),

H Free one-day Mini-Code Camp VB.NET Version with yours truly in Boston
Join us for a Special Edition of Code Camp presented exclusively by our own
Carl Franklin. This one day Mini Code Camp is focused entirely on VB.NET.
The morning starts with a review of the fundamentals and the rest of the day
expands on that to build a fully functional application that you can take
with you! Come and learn best practices, coding techniques, database access,
object oriented techniques and more for the VB.NET developer. As always, the
Code Camp Series represents the best technical content of the local
developer community. Code Camp's are always free and guaranteed to be the
most fun that you can have anywhere!

I Let Pwop produce and host a killer podcast for you!
Did you ever think about creating your own podcast for the purpose of
creating an online community around your brand, like we've done with .NET
Rocks? I've started a Podcasting production company at http://www.pwop.com
to export our services to the general public. Listen to this:
http://www.pwop.com/podcasting.mp3 to find out what we can do for you!

J FileMover: Component to copy and/or move files asynchronously with status
This is something you can only get with the Franklins.Net Newsletter. A nice
file copy and move component that copies and moves files asynchronously
providing a status event, so you can drive a ProgressBar or percent meter
control. Since files are copied asynchronously your user interface will
continue to work while files are being copied. This is also a great example
of a component that uses the asynchronous model and ISynchronizeInvoke to
sync the UI.

K Unsubscribe
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