[CoMoDev] FWD: report from the hinterlands

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  • Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 00:08:00 -0700

Having a great time at PalmSource! Meanwhile, here's an amusing report from 
Comodev's foreign correspondent in Argentina:

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Subject:        report from the hinterlands
From:   Jeff Preston <jpreston12@xxxxxxxxx>
Date:           May 25th 2005 1:18 am

I am up and running here in Argentina. It took
awhile. I brought  parts for 3 machines down
here. Built 2 for my employer, and 1 for me. Now
I remember why I was so afraid to re-build my
development machine: it's so scary! There are a
zillion little switches and parameters and things
to break. First thing I broke was iis/asp.net,
then I couldnt get my Nokia/symbian sdk's to work
with VS, etc.....worst part is I cant tell you
how I got them working. I basicaly panic,
download things, read forums, and they start
working somehow. This just re-enforces my fear of
messing with my dev machine and no amount of
therapy will help. My next panic attack will come
when WM2005 goes live.

Still havent done anything with RFID, which is
what they hired me for, I think. Socket makes a
new CF RFID adapter for the PPC and I am hoping
they go this route. This company makes weight
scales as well as parts for Volkwagon. I have an
office in a VERY noisey factory. Everyone I met
here (you have to kiss them when you meet them)
has been with the company for a zillion years. I
have to consider the possibility that they will
adopt me and try to keep me here forever. I
havent come to grips with this idea yet but that
may change in the next few months. So far I have
busy with things like fishing cat5 thru conduit,
setting up a long range (1km) wifi AP, building
the computers I brought, LOTS of time fixing the
boss's desktop and giving him basic instructions
in how to use Net2phone....they love voip here.
Stuff like this. The only programming has been
for existing clients. The double-dipping thing
gives me a perverse pleasure and it will continue
until I get caught.

A big kiss to all in Colorado!


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