[CoMoDev] FW: Short term/immediate J2ME gig

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Try this again :)/

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Hi all. If you are interesting in this gig, please get back to me right away
at the # below with a bid. Thanks!

This project should be a pretty quick turnaround, 3-4 days probably. This is
for Motorola phones on Nextel. Phone and test account will be provided. This
is an existing MIDlet that needs to have some features added. If you'd like
to bid on it, send me a rate. They are looking for someone right away. Check
out this site to see the current existing features www.quik-trac.com. 

Here are the specs for the midlet.  
1.  Needs to autostart the program when the cell phone is powered on.
2.  Needs to display the current Lat/Lon in the window as it is reported,
but when a new position comes in it erases the previous.  We do not want to
save it to the program.  (except on a store and forward, when out of cell
coverage area.)
3.  Needs to send the date/time, lat/lon, speed, heading, sent as a single
report to the server.
4.  Needs to operate on a public IP, so it can be programmmed from our
server.  We need to be able to set the invtervals for the GPS to report in
from an application, webpage or our server.  We also need the ability to
turn on a "Store and Foward" command so that the midlet stores the positions
on the cell when it is out of cell coverage area and dumps them when it
connects with a cell tower.
5.  Need the ability to send a request to the midlet from our server, an
application, or webpage for a GPS location position report from the server
at anytime when in a cell coverage area.
6.  Need the ability to send a request to the midlet from the server for a
GPS location and if it is not in a cell coverage area, we will tell us "not
in a service area" and at that time send a request that it send a report as
soon as it is.
7.  Need the ability to dial "1311" on the cell phone and it sends the user
identification (phone number) and their GPS position immediately to the
server and into our call center software.


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