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  • Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 20:42:48 -0600

Hi David. Yes, the full 2 day bootcamp is given to businesses to bring their
development teams up to speed for mobile development projects. We haven't
explicitly advertised it for generic developer signup, but if there is
enough interest from individual developers at different companies, putting
together a 2 day workshop would be possible. If you think you or your
development team would be interested in such a workshop drop me a line at my
office at 303.838.6643 (or email) and I'll gauge the interest level. Thanks.

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Thanks, Sue.

This sounds like a good intro to J2ME, especially for a free workshop. I
believe you also do more extensive courses on a contract basis for
businesses, right? (http://www.switchbacksoftware.com/bootcamp.htm)  For me
"bootcamp" gives the impression that I'll be waking up the next morning with
a sore brain and realizing it's about to start all over again ;-)   I'm
wondering if you or your company ever schedules and advertises a full 2-day
J2ME bootcamp that anyone can sign up for.

When I first got started in Palm development I'd studied and used a little
Java and wondered about writing Java apps for the Palm platform. At the time
it seemed like it wasn't quite there and I took the more traditional C
language route.  But I think that may possibly be changing now that some of
the new Palms are shipping with VMs written in fast native ARM code.  If you
had a course on the calendar and a published price I might be interested,
and suspect others in the area would as well.

I was disappointed that the PDA profile for J2ME didn't quite get off the
ground, but there's still the MIDP, which is pretty powerful.  There will
always be a lot more handsets with Java VMs than there ever will be Palm OS
or Windows Mobile handset.  Something to think about.  

David Beers
Pikesoft Mobile Computing

On Sun, 23 May 2004 19:14:54 -0600, Sue Spielman wrote:
> For those interested...I'm doing the main presentation at the June
> 9th DJUG meeting which is a J2ME Bootcamp. You can find more
> details here: http://www.denverjug.org/index.html
> Stop by and say hi if you make it.
> Regards,
> Sue
> President/Senior Consulting Engineer
> Switchback Software LLC
> http://www.switchbacksoftware.com
> Providing a full range of J2EE and J2ME software development and
> consulting services PH: 303.838.6643 FX: 303.838.6649

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