[CoMoDev] CoMoDev request for proposal

  • From: Colorado Mobile Developers <projects@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 11:38:01 -0600

Proposal requested: 3/13/2007

Brief Description:

Seeking multi-platform continued development of existing Palm OS application
developed on SatForms. It's a patented list-based sampling tool, executing at
random intervals. Issues to be addressed, if possible, include dropping the user
back where the user was before the application executes, e.g. if writing email,
then answer samlping prompt and go straight back to the same email. Also seeking
to make compatible with Windows CE (not all of Thacker's original extensions in
use in the app were WinCE compliant at the time but they might be now), as well
as Blackberry and possibly iPhone. Also seeking develop desktop PC companion
application. NDA/Non-compete required. Long range plans include integration with
other measurment devices such as GPS, blood sugar, etc.

Platform: Multi
Intregration: PC Synch
Budget: $5-25K
Expected Users: Consumer
Start Date: 60 Days
City: Littleton
State: CO
Onsite req'd: No


Stated budget is an uneducated ballpark on my part, could be far less or far
more. Your input required for project scoping, planning, and pricing.  Call to
discuss if interested: 303-522-3432

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