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Unfortunately, that would be my third event for that weekend and will be out
of town.  I would be happy to help anyone getting something ready for a





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Hey folks,


There's a cool event coming up on Saturday May 19 called Front Range Code
Camp (www.frontrangecodecamp.com).  It's a  grassroots conference where
local developers can give and attend presentations for free.  I didn't make
it last year, but from what I hear it was pretty successful.  I would like
to see some of us CoMoDevs give presentations so we can increase awareness
of all the cool things you can do on mobile devices with .NET, Java, Flash
Lite, Palm OS, etc.  Let's get some presence there and let people know that
you don't have to be living in Silicon Valley to ride the mobile wave.  


What? You weren't aware that there is a "mobile wave" to ride on the Front
Range?  Ok, it's really just getting started, but that's why I'm hoping
CoMoDev can help with the wave-making.  


Anyway, I plan to submit a proposal once I decide on a topic.  Who will join
me at Code Camp? 



David Beers, Moderator

Colorado Mobile Developers


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