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  • From: David Beers <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 16:05:37 -0600

Still had some problems with that last one didn't we?  I tweaked the MIME 
settings so that quoted printable characters should be replaced with the actual 
character instead of the garbage.  There *is* a setting to allow HTML, but at 
this point I'm afraid to try it for fear of sending another unreadable message!

Hopefully this one will look clean.  There is a list of config options about 6 
feet long on this service, so it might take a while before I get it working 
*exactly* the way we want it to.  Sorry for the extra bandwidth use while I 


On Thu, 20 May 2004 15:44:36 -0600, David Beers wrote:
> Ouch, that was ugly.  Should have stuck with my first impulse and
> used plain= text.  Well, let this be a warning to all who like to
> send email in HTML! = Here's a (hopefully) more readable version:=A0
> ***Announcing the CoMoDev Email Discussion List***
> I took the liberty of subscribing those who have expressed an
> interest in= the Colorado Mobile Developers group to an email list
> I created for the= group. =A0If you are receiving this message
> you're subscribed. =A0You can, of= course, unsubscribe if you like:
> send a message to=
> comodev-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with the word 'unsubscribe' in the
> subject= line. =A0However, this will be the main way I will use to
> keep in touch with= the whole group and it makes it possible for
> all of you to do the same. =A0To= post a message to the whole group
> just reply to this message or send a new= one to
> comodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> After doing some research it looked like freelists.org was one of
> the better= options that didn't have obtrusive advertising. =A0I
> wanted something with a= searchable web archive and the ability for
> users to configure how they want= to the list to work for them.
> =A0And that was free. =A0To view and edit your= preferences you can
> browse to www.freelists.org, search on CoMoDev, follow= the link to
> our FreeLists page, and click "Login directly to this list".=
> =A0The first time you login, just leave the password blank and give
> the email= address you gave me earlier. =A0You'll be sent a
> temporary password that you= can use to login. =A0Once logged in
> you can click "Change Settings" to= enable/disable features like
> digest, out-of-office, hide yourself from the= membership list, etc.
> ***First Meeting a Big Success***
> Well, at least it was a success from my point of view. =A0Turnout
> of 8 was= better than expected with three great "walk-ins" that I
> hadn't communicated= with (not counting the waiter). =A0I expect to
> see at least one or two more= in June. =A0We have some very diverse
> backgrounds but obviously no shortage= of things to talk about.
> =A0We also have our first sponsor: David Fedor,= Director of
> Developer Architecture at PalmSource, is personally pitching in= an
> Amazon gift certificate that we can raffle off at the next meeting.
> =A0Mr.= Fedor is also talking about coming to our August meeting,
> schedule= permitting. =A0He can't say whether he will have any
> prototype Palm OS 6= "Cobalt" devices that he can demo for us at
> that time, but the fact that he= didn't give a definite "no" could
> always mean it's a possibility. =A0I notice= that Dell has been the
> first vendor to release devices with the new Windows= Mobile 2003
> SE, so perhaps someone would like to rush out and buy one of= those
> so the rest of us can play with it! =A0(To whomever would like to
> do= this, may I recommend the one with the 624MHz processor and the
> dual= wireless connectivity?)
> ***A few loose ends***
> 1.  I didn't get contact information from some of the new members,=
> specifically John Lowe and David Horowitz. =A0If any of you got
> business= cards or vCards from either of these guys, please let me
> know so I can get= in touch with them.
> 2.  We settled on not one but two possible dates for the next
> meeting: =A0June= 8 or June 22. =A0I'd like to hear from Jason and
> Conrad, who didn't make the= first meeting as to whether one of
> these dates is better than the other.= =A0Once we decide, I'll make
> either the 2nd Tuesday or 4th Tuesday our= regular meeting time to
> avoid future confusion. =A0Some folks said that= groups like this
> have a hard time meeting during the summer when people are= away,
> but among the ones present I didn't hear any say they wouldn't
> want= to keep meeting through the summer. =A0I'm happy to keep
> meeting as long as= we can get at least 3 or 4 others.
> 3.  The future meeting place is still somewhat up in the air.
> =A0Rock Bottom= Brewery does indeed have great beer and food, IMO,
> but the sound level was= too high for comfortable conversation.
> =A0Suggested options:
> *  Rock Bottom Brewery has a nice small banquet room. =A0If people
> like the= location and the restaurant this might be quiet enough
> for us and even give= us room to spread out and do something more
> like a presentation. =A0Dick= Grier mentioned that it's easiest for
> folks who drive a long distance if we= meet at dinner time and
> people can have a meal while we talk. =A0Downside:= there will be a
> cost to the banquet room. =A0At press time I hadn't heard= back as
> to what that cost is.
> *  Meet in someone's home. =A0While the group is small this is a
> good option= if a centrally located member wants to step up to the
> plate and offer their= home for a couple of hours a month. =A0I for
> one would be willing to help= with food if we do this and I'll bet
> others might as well, so it isn't a= burden on the host.
> *  See if we can use one of the meeting rooms at Microsoft in the
> DTC. =A0The= location is near where we were and the facilities
> first rate for a user= group, if they are available. =A0Food could
> be brought in. =A0Not sure if= they'd be keen on beer. =A0The
> atmosphere would be more, shall I say, formal?= =A0That has its
> advantages and disadvantages. I haven't called about this= yet. =A0
> ***Agenda for June Meeting***
> In recognition of the fact that we have roughly equal numbers of
> Palm and= PocketPC developers in the group and a degree of interest
> by each in the= other, our June meeting will include a couple of 20-
> minute show-and-tell= presentations. =A0Dick Grier, will be
> demonstrating how easy it is to develop= for PocketPC using Visual
> Studio .NET and the .NET Compact Framework.= =A0We're very glad to
> have Dick as a member of the group since he's been a= stalwart
> contributor to the Windows CE / PocketPC developer community for=
> many years and has published some excellent books on the topic.
> =A0On the= Palm OS side, I'll be demonstrating PalmSource's brand
> spanking new free= open source development environment, the Palm OS
> Developer Studio (PODS).= =A0PODS will be familiar to anyone who
> has used the Eclipse IDE framework,= which has a sophisticated plug-
> in system to enable support for many= different languages and
> platforms (referred to in the Eclipse lingo as= "perspectives").
> =A0By the time of the meeting it's likely that PalmSource= will
> have an update of the pre-release version of this development=
> environment. =A0PODS is the only environment at this time that
> supports= writing software that targets Cobalt devices (Palm OS 6).
> Look forward to hearing some discussion start on the mailing list.
> =A0I was= going to say "Bring it On!" but that has been used
> conspicuously in a less= happy context so I guess I'll just say,
> "Welcome to the group!"
> David

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