[CoMoDev] Re: Bizarre Orkut.com incident.

  • From: Databeast <conrad@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: comodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 15:14:12 -0600

David Beers wrote:

I guess that makes you the Gerald Ford of the PocketPC nation, eh, Conrad? :)

Yeah it was certainly weird - Orkut is infamous for just doing outright plain *weird* things right now (when they say 'beta', they mean it!)

I'm not really familiar with Orkut, but it's kind of interesting that it's an invitation only community.

yep, in one sense it's just full of elitist techie people frmo the bay area and their distributed friends, on the other hands, it's mostly free of the A/S/L idiots.

If anyone wants on, give me a shout, there's a lot of famous tech faces on there, and it's interesting to find out the connections between you and some of them

It was interesting to discover that in 95% of cases, there are at most, two people between myself and major figures such as Brad Templeton, Adrian Lamo, Larry Wall, John Perry Barlow (an EFF Founder) Tim O'Reilly, etc etc. Interesting stuff, and quite the ego booster!

How does it work?

I add someone as a friend, via their email address, they get an invite message sent at the time

Is there a good group of PPC developers on there?

70 people, maybe one or three messages per week, more a vanity community than anything really.

Or is it too early to say?

probably, its pretty unstable right now, and still getting a bit of a rep as an elitest geek toy at the moment.


On Mon, 07 Jun 2004 14:34:24 -0600, Databeast wrote:

In an amusing turn of events, I logged into my Orkut.com account
today, to discover that Orkut, it the infinite weirdness we have
learned to expect from it, has decided to make me the moderator of
the 'PocketPC Developers' Community on there.

Hrm, one for the home team I guess.

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