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There are a number of approaches to this.

You can put the Pocket PC into a kiosk mode, meaning that your application
is the only application that the user can get to upon power-on of the
device. There are a spectrum of options to do this that range from simply
deleting the shortcuts on to all other apps on device, to maximizing your
app (SH_FULLSCREEN) and hiding the Start bar.  For more info, use google
advanced groups Search on microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.compactframework
and Search for kiosk mode.  There are some third party utilities that Are
very complete implementations of this features.

You can also detect that your PPC app is closing or losing focus.  Depending
on whether you are using the Compact Framework or eMbedded Visual Tools, the
code varies, but you can detect a loss of focus and display a modal dialog
that requires a password and then set focus back to your app.

If you let me know what dev tools/language you're using and a little More
about your specific objectives with this feature, I can send You some sample

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First thanks for the welcome into the list.
I was wondering if anyone can offer some direction in a problem that I have.
I want to be able to contain control over a pocket pc with a password
activated application. In essence I want to lock users into only using  one
application. If someone clicks outside of the application then I want to
capture this and display a password dialog box. If a correct user/password
is verified then the user will have access to the pocket pc.

Maybe this isn't even completely possible but if anyone can help point me in
the right direction I would really appreciate it.




David Beers
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