[CoMoDev] A difficult problem, any ideas?

  • From: "Kurt Halvorson" <khalvorson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <comodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 11:50:04 -0700

I hope life is treating everyone good.  Life is good up here in Fort
Collins, other than my annoying problem below:


I have a PDA running WM5 using CF 2.0, written in VS2005.  SQL Mobile (or
whatever it is currently called is installed)

My application connects to a Web Service (running on an out of state server)
to upload and download data.

The Web Service was added to the application using "Add Web Reference" in
the solution explorer.  wrServiceMain is the name of the added reference.
It just returns a dataset of needed information.


Here is a snippet of the code:



     Dim wsUsers As wrServiceMain.Service = New wrServiceMain.Service

     ds = wsUsers.GI(xxxxxx)

  Catch ex As Net.WebException


The PDA App can upload/download data under the following conditions:

- Running in the emulator

- Cradled on my Work PC using ActiveSync 4.2 (Windows XP)

- Cradled on my Home PC using ActiveSync 4.1 (Windows XP)

- Free internet hotspot at local coffee shop via Wireless

- Surf the web normally on all above situations


My client is running Windows 2000 at a large Utility.  He had to get IT to
install ActiveSync 4.1

When calling the above code the exception ex.Message is "WebException"

On the PDA, in the cradle he can surf the internet using IE.

The App works as expected at the local hotspot.


It seems like a problem on his end, but as expected, solving the problem
falls on my shoulders.  I've spent close to two days on this problem, any




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