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I just made some changes to the www.tallahasseecap.org/commcamp website and Ops Order to make information a little easier. The schedule and packing lists have been moved to the main menu and the Ops Order just refers to them as links. This has had the advantage of cutting the Ops Order back to a little over 3 pages while making the schedule and suggested packing list much easier to access and read. You may wish to go there and review the information to make sure that you have it all right.
Everything else seems to be going as planned; attendance is a little light, but that will have advantages for those who do come as we will have more time for the students who are here. The biggest disaster that could happen now is for either nobody to show up, or everyone forget their fees as right now all costs and supplies are riding on my plastic. We'll make it work :)
I would like a show of hands from those who plan to make it. I am hearing from several people who swear they are coming but have not registered, and I will be surprised if everyone who registered actually makes it. I am quickly learning that no matter how hard you try to get everyone registered ahead of time, the only way to figure out how many people are actually going to be at a given event is to wait until they are all there and count heads. If you could just please drop me an email if you plan to be here, I would appreciate it.
It also seems that my previous email address (floridacyclist@xxxxxxx ) has been swallowed up by several SPAM filters. Please let me know if this is the first Comm Camp email you have received from me other than through the FloridaWing Listserve.
Gene Floyd, Capt CAP

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