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  • Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 01:03:18 EDT

One of our Cadet Senior Master Sergeants is hiking almost 50  miles alone 
through the St Marks Wildlife Refuge as part of a school project  called 
"Intensives Week" where you take a week off from school and do something,  well 
intensive; this is not a Civil Air Patrol activity.
As a safety measure, he is checking in every few hours via text  messaging or 
ham radio to report his coordinates; as a public service and favor  to the 
National Wildlife Service, he is also collecting the coordinates of  campsites, 
trail intersections and other points of interest for them to use on  their 
website as most of their coordinates are not in a people-friendly format. 

Now you too can track him! Simply visit the website (link  below) and either 
print it or just use it on your computer.  
As we get position reports, we will update the links here so that  you can 
keep track of his progress. Once you've plotted his position, you can  come 
to the website to download the updated map with his positions marked  off and 
check your work.  
All times are EDT. Delorme does have some minor errors, so don't  assume 
you're wrong if he is not on the trail according to the map.  
If you aren't sure how to use coordinates with maps, check out 
Please go to _http://www.rideforfatherhood.org/track/_ 
(http://www.rideforfatherhood.org/track/)  for  the latest coordinates as they 
are updated over the 
next few  days. Hopefully some will enjoy this little exercise. 
Gene Floyd, Capt CAP

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