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  • Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 22:44:05 EDT

Sgt Hastings,
I was afraid this would come up and this has been thought through as  
carefully as possible. The comm camp was originally scheduled for May 26- Jun 
When I found out that there are 3 school districts in the state that I know  of 
that carry into that week (Broward, Martin, and Alachua), it was re-scheduled  
for the week of Jun 2-Jun 10.
The Wing Conference was then re-scheduled for the weekend of Jun 10,  
necessitating another change of dates, knocking out both the weeks ending and  
beginning around Jun 10; unfortunately, as can be seen by the National Special  
Activities calendar, there are no more weeks available without competing with  
something else (including hurricane season, which some of us are very active  
so the decision was made to move back to the original date, which is  good 
for 64 of Florida's 67 counties.
So where does that leave us? If you can finish all of your required  
schoolwork and exams early and have permission from your parent(s) and unit  
commander, I would be willing to write a letter detailing what we are doing  
supporting your request to your school to be allowed to attend comm camp. If  
school allows this, it will be completely up to you to actually  complete all 
requirements to be released a week early without adversely  affecting your 
grades, and I would need a letter from your principal/guidance  counselor 
such. The same is true for students in any other affected  school districts as 
long as we are not interfering with school as school must  come first. For 
those who are unable to do this, I can only apologize  and point out that no 
matter how badly we want to, we cannot always meet  everyone's needs and 
schedules; we hope we can see them next time.
Please feel free to email or call me if you have any further questions or  
concerns over this matter.
Gene Floyd, Capt CAP
(850)488-5825 (weekdays)
(850)284-3677 (after 7 and on weekends)
In a message dated 4/6/2007 9:06:55 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
christopher.hastings@xxxxxxxxx writes:

Dear sir or ma'am,
Is there any way that the dates for the North  Florida Ranger School's 
Communication's Camp could be pushed back into June?  Broward county schools 
let out 
on 31 May 2007, and I am fairly sure that other  school districts have the 
same release date.

Please  advise,

C/SSgt Christopher Hastings, CAP
Pembroke Pines  Composite Squadron
Alpha Flight Sergent

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