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To start with, I apologize if I make any mistakes; as many of you are aware  
I had my tonsils out a couple of days ago along with some other minor surgery 
on  my throat and am typing through a fog of Percoset. As someone who has very 
 little experience with drugs and painkillers in general (and is therefore 
not  used to their effects), all I can say is "Dood, this is pretty groovy".
We have the teaching schedule pretty much cast in stone and I am working on  
the Powerpoint presentations for the EMCOMM Level 1. ARRL has a pretty good  
curriculum in their Instructor's manual and they were kind enough to include 
all  Powerpoint presentations for the Technician class; we have also procured 
LCD  projector and have several laptops available, so you're not expected to 
come up  with your own material on your own in front of a class of teens. All 
instructor  books are provided courtesy of the ARRL Foundation.
We are looking at approximately 25 students for each class, so it is not  
going to be as crowded as originally feared. We have opened up the door to some 
of our other partner agencies as well for the amateur radio portions of the  
training; Red Cross, SE K9 Search and Rescue etc, but I don't foresee a human  
wave of additional  students.  These are all agencies that we need to  build 
relationships with. In addition, in accordance with FCC rules, the testing  
sessions are open to the public. All classes and testing sessions will be at Ft 
McGee, 9991 Elgin Rd, Woodville, FL. There is a map on our primary website at 
_http://www.tallahasseecap.org/commcamp/_ (http://www.tallahassee
All instructors are invited to the end-of-camp cookout and swimming party  at 
Wakulla Springs on the afternoon of Saturday, Jun 2nd. To show their  
appreciation for your efforts, the North Florida Ranger School Communications  
will be picking up the tab for your dinner and entry fee and would also  like 
the chance to present a few token gifts.
At this time I would like to ask potential instructors to look at the class  
schedule at:
Please send me email on the classes you would like to teach; you can also  
download the PPT presentations on that page as well to get a better idea of 
 each class would be like, to practice your presentation, or to modify it 
within  limits. Level 1 EMCOMM PPTs are still in the process of being created, 
but  should be done by the time of the class. 
I will be sending out updates to the instructor schedule as often as  
possible. In general, the first instructor to pick a time slot will get it, but 
exceptions may be made if circumstances warrant.
Please feel free to call me at the number below if you have any  questions.
Your help is greatly appreciated
Gene Floyd, Capt CAP
Project Coordinator
North FL Ranger School Communications Camp

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