[commcamp] Comm camp registration underway

  • From: FloridaCyclist@xxxxxxx
  • To: commcamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007 15:44:35 EDT

As can be seen by the student registration page at 
(http://www.tallahasseecap.org/commcamp/student.php) ,  we are starting to get 
the first few student 
registrations in. Each registration  is listed in green (complete) or red 
(incomplete) along with any needed items to  complete their registrations .
If you intend to come, please get your name on the list. At some point, we  
are going to have to decide if this event is a go or no-go, and the number of  
names on the list (especially green ones) will be a major deciding factor. 
This  is true for instructors/staff as well as students. 
Students: If your name is on the list in red, please try to turn it  green as 
soon as possible by getting us the items listed next to your name.  Please 
note that lack of the FLWGF500 / CAPF60/17/31 will not prevent your  name from 
turning green as we are OK with receiving those in person. Everything  else can 
be accomplished electronically. If you are listed as not having certain  ES 
requirements (GES etc) and you know that it shows in Eservices, that is fine  
as that means that I simply haven't had a chance to verify those online yet;  
they will be re-verified at mission check-in anyway.
Potential Instructors and staff: Please register at 
.  You will not incur any sort of commitment until a staff position has been  
discussed and agreed upon with you, at which time your name will turn green 
(but  not before then). We merely need to know who is interested in what and 
what  teaching resources we will have available. Filled and open staff 
are  listed at 
(http://www.tallahasseecap.org/commcamp/orgchart.gif) .  For the instructors, 
we will be breaking hte 
classes down into individual  subjects in the weeks to come, so you can have 
a better idea of what you may be  volunteering to teach. 
Note that we are using the Incident Command System, so this is a good  
opportunity to practice what you may have learned in your online classes.
Please feel free to send any questions you may have to the mailing list at  
_commcamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (mailto:commcamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)  or  myself, whether 
they be about the camp or looking to arrange a carpool. This  should be fun for 
Gene Floyd, Capt CAP

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