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Yes, we have the El Camino motel about 5 miles away; with a name like that,  
how can it be anything but cheap?
I will also have my popup camper and we will possibly be able to find space  
for you in one of the houses or the doublewide.
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Are there any hotel/Motels nearby? Let me rephrase that... any CHEAP  
hotels/Motels I am assuming on the west side of Tally would be closer.... 

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Subject: [commcamp] Comm Camp website  open for registration - 30 
partially-funded seats available
Date:  Wed, 11 Apr 2007 02:06:51 EDT

Please help ensure widest distribution possible
The North Florida Ranger School Communications Camp Website is now live  and 
online and we are accepting applications for the camp for both students  and 
staff. If you are a student who is volunteering for a staff position,  please 
sign up on both lists; it only takes a few seconds each. Once you're  signed 
up, please follow through so we can hurry up and turn your red  name to a green 

The website is _http://www.tallahasseecap.org/commcamp_ 
(http://www.tallahasseecap.org/commcamp) , and you can also reach it through 
the Tallahassee 
Composite  Squadron website at _www.tallahasseecap.org_ 

 In light of this being the first time that we (or anyone else  that we know 
of) are doing something like this, we are setting a limit of 30  people in 
order to make sure that the instruction meets the high standards  expected of 
Ranger School activity. Perhaps next year can be bigger, but  this year we'll 
find out how things work with an event of this nature.
This is your chance to earn a ham radio license, be certified in  emergency 
communications, get all your CAP comm training out of the way, get  all your 
FEMA ICS training out of the way (with a live certified ICS  instructor 
the class in person, which almost always works better  than an online class 
like the current IS200 and 700), learn about IMU, AND  participate in what will 
probably be two of the more intense and challenging  communications exercises 
you will have ever seen
If you want to come, it would be best to get the electronic  registration 
part completed as soon as possible so that you have a seat  reserved as we are 
only ordering 30 sets of books in advance. Overflow  students, while allowed, 
will have to purchase and order their own books;  links are available on the 
While it's not mentioned before, RVs are allowed for this school, but  the 
driveway may be a bit small.
We look forward to seeing you here. Anyone wishing to be added to our  
mailing list, please email me and I will add you.
Gene Floyd, Capt CAP
Project Officer
North Florida Ranger School

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