[commcamp] Comm Camp final announcement

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  • Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2007 21:28:39 -0700

It's over and the news has been posted... see http://flwg.us/database/database/news.asp?action=""> for details. More pictures are below.
Congratulations to the following new hams:
C/Amn Daniel Boyce KI4WEN
C/SrAmn Ismael Santiago KI4WEO
C/SrAmn Amber Young KI4WEP
C/CMSgt Hunter Limb KI4WEQ
C/Amn Josiah Saly KI4WER
C/CMSgt Kevin Holliday KI4WES
C/MSgt Michael Anthony (Tony) Davidson KI4WET
SM Robert Lowery KI4WFL
In addition, 1st Lt Dan McGee and C/Sgt Parry Thomas passed their exams but are still awaiting their callsigns.
I think I'm going to sleep for a week now.
Gene Floyd, Capt CAP
Tallahassee Composite Squadron
Civil Air Patrol, USAF Auxiliary
IMG_9235.JPG  Steve Welsh AD4E demonstrates a High-Frequency radio to the students
IMG_9246.JPG  David Miner KI4LHH teaches a class on Emergency Communications
IMG_9310.JPG  C/Amn Josiah Saly KI4WER takes a FEMA ICS test online
IMG_9324.JPG  C/MSgt Stefan Floyd KI4JTA operates a VHF radio during a net
IMG_9327.JPG  Comm Camp, class of 2007 Taken by Mike Williams KI4AGD
IMG_9340.JPG  C/Amn Josiah Saly KI4WER delivers his part of the FEMA staff briefing
IMG_9344.JPG  C/Msgt Hunter Limb KI4WEQ and his staff of C/Amn Daniel Boyce KI4WEN , C/CMSgt Kevin Holliday KI4WES , and C/Amn Josiah Saly KI4WER deliver a formal staff briefing to the Tallahassee Composite Squadron as a homework assignment from their FEMA ICS200 class
IMG_9349.JPG  C/Amn Daniel Boyce KI4WEN and C/CMSgt Kevin Holliday KI4WES deliver their parts of the briefing
IMG_9372.JPG  C/CMSgt Stefan Floyd KI4JTA puts a little fire to the chicken quarters
IMG_9376.JPG  C/CMSgt Kevin Holliday KI4WES during a lighter moment
IMG_9423.JPG  Lt Joe Tomasone AB2M displays the grand prize to be awarded to the camp Honor Cadet. This radio was soon claimed by C/CMSgt Hunter Limb KI4WEQ of the Patrick Composite Squadron
IMG_9508.JPG  Capt Gene Floyd AI4KK presents C/Amn Josiah Saly KI4WER with his Graduation Certificate. Photo by C/CMSgt Stefan Floyd KI4JTA
IMG_9556.JPG  Capt Gene Floyd AI4KK, Lt Joe Tomasone AB2M and Lt Bonnie Floyd KI4JOL present Lt Dan McGee with a certificate of appreciation for the use of his home and property. Photo by C/CMSgt Stefan Floyd KI4JTA

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