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  • From: Jeffrey Denton <dentonj@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 23:59:18 -0700 (MST)

O'Reilly has given me another copy of the book "Linux Server Hacks".  I
already have a copy that I've purchased and I've left a copy of the book
in the classroom that the LUG normally meets in.  I'm going to give this
latest copy away at the next meeting as a door prize.

The book itself is really good.  It's not meant to be a tutorial for
Linux.  Instead, the book is a collection of 100 tips and tricks you can
use with Linux servers.  The topics include Server Basics, Backups,
Monitoring, SSH, Scripting, and information on individual servers such
as BIND, Apache, and MySQL.  One of the first tips I started using from
the book was how to setup ssh sessions without having to type in a
password.  This allows uploading files for web pages to be done quickly.
This trick can even be used to write a script to copy log files to a
central location.  More information on the book can be found at
http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/linuxsvrhack/ .

I don't have any talks or classes scheduled for this meeting.  If anyone
would like me to discuss a topic, let me know.  If I do have a
discussion, I'll hold the drawing for the door prize afterwards.
Otherwise, we'll conduct the drawing to give away the book at 6:30 PM.

Bill Jarboe has asked me to help setup a Honeypot for the college.  A
Honeypot is nothing more than an Intrusion Detection System used to
detect and track hackers.  Cochise College has been making a LOT of
changes to their network to prevent unauthorized use.  But they would
still like to see if any hackers are still running loose on the network.
If I have the system setup before the next meeting, I can talk about
that.  But I'm not giving any promises since it may take some time to
setup properly.

The last meeting we had with Tom Veite from Novell went really well.
He discussed Novell's Nterprise Linux Services.  One of the things that
stood out was their Virtual Teams software suite.  It looks and acts
very similar (even better from the presentation) to the Black Board
software that Cochise College uses for it's online courses (I've heard
that many complain about it).  I've already mentioned this to the head
of the Online Courses, George Self.  Tom had mentioned that 90% of
Novell's products will be running on Linux by March.  I have a copy of
the presentation from Tom if anyone is interested.  As soon as I get
permission from him, I'll post it on the web site.  Otherwise, I'll have
to individually email copies to people.  One thing that those who didn't
attend missed was the door prizes.  Tom gave out several Novell
t-shirts, CD cases, and a 256 MB USB Thumb Drive.

For anyone that has not been following the SCO lawsuits, Novell released
a letter to SCO that says, "Novell hereby directs SCO to waive any
purported right SCO may claim to require Sequent (or IBM as its
successor) to treat Sequent Code as subject to the confidentiality
obligations or use restrictions of Sequent's SVRX license."  SCO has
until noon tomorrow to comply.  For those that have not been
following the lawsuit that SCO has against IBM, this pretty much
kills it.  Hopefully, Novell will hit SCO with a Breach of Contract
lawsuit (my opinion here).  There is more information on

If anyone has any questions or suggestions, let me know.


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