[cochiselinux] Evolution- Still battling it.

  • From: Steve McMullen <chico@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cochiselinux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 20:04:50 -0600

Thanks Brad;

I looked in the ~/.gconf/apps/ and find no folder evolution. I did have a 
folder ~/evolution which I moved to the new instalation. It has a folder 
called mail which has two folders one /pop the other /pop3 each hold my 
account configeration.

Yet I didn't see a %gconf.xml in mail or either one of the pop folders.

I not to swift with gnome configuration yet, I feel more at home working in 
KDE configuration files. I did notice though that nearly every gnome related 
folder has a file %gconf.xml. Yet my pop config folders are lacking. I'll 
have to dig futher and see why.

Right now evolution is working showing all the mail and all the inboxes for 
each account, yet the pop configuration for those same accounts is lacking 
even though the config files are there.

I'm sure it's just one or two small files I'm lacking.

Thanks for your help though. I'll reply to the list so if anyone else is 
waiting to see where this goes they'll see your responds.

>Sorry I could not reply back to the list, but I am on the road and the army
>won't let me log into  my cox email account.  I did a little research on
>your evoultion question and i think i have found the other files you need.

>Evolution has another directory where it stores the account information.  It
>is located ~/.gconf/apps/evolution.  I don't know if you need all of the
>data in this directory, but I am sure it would not hurt.  If you look in the
>mail directory at the %gconf.xml file you will see the pop and smtp account

>Hope this helps


See Ya Steve.

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