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Hello there. I am a JAWS/Clockworks 5 user. I have a question about the 
calendar view. I want to hide my cancelled appointments. I know that there is a 
check box for this directly under the date. I can check this option. However, 
even   if I go to the "Extras" tab and click set calendar settings as default, 
when I re-open my calendar, all of my cancelled appointments are again visible. 
Does anyone know what I should be doing to hide my cancelled appointments?
Thank you for helping me.
Dorianne Pollack
DR coordinator
NAU  Flagstaff, Arizona

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I would like to welcome all of you to the new Clw-access discussion list on 
Freelists.org.  This will replace the Clockwork-accessibility list on 
I hope that we can continue the type of discussion that has been taking place 
on the Clockwork-accessibility list, but I hope that we will not run into any 
technical problems this time.
I know that all of you either own, or are using, Clockwork so you should be 
able to benefit from any discussion which takes place here, but this can only 
happen with member participation.

To start with, I would appreciate if each one of you would post a short message 
to the list so that the rest of the members know that you are here.
Please note that if you have been subscribed to this list inadvertently, please 
feel free to unsubscribe by one of the following

1. Send an emaile to:
clw-access-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx and type "unscribe" in the subject line.
2. email me at:
khuber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and let me know that you want to be unsubscribed from 
the list, and I will take you off the list.

In he meantime, I hope to here from all of you.

Kevin Huber
List owner

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