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Did anyone else see "The Great Climate Change Swindle " last night on channel 
4? For those that did not here is a summary:
Climate Change is happening.
There is a relationship between Global Temperature and CO2, but the rise in CO2 
lags behind the temperature changes (by about 800 years). i.e. it is the change 
in temperature that causes the changes in atmospheric CO2 and not the other way 
There is a much better correlation between solar activity and Global Warming.
There conclusion human activity is not the cause of Global Warming, Solar 
activity is
So now I'm confused. I was extremely sceptical about the programme when I began 
watching, but by then end there theory and evidence was just as convincing as 
the CO2 theory.
Now here's the worrying thing. They claim Climate Change is being used as a way 
of holding back the development of the devolving nations. Since the UN is 
insisting that they only use renewable energy and do not exploit their fossil 
full reserves. If we are really worried about CO2 I think we should take the 
plank from our own eye before we start worrying about the spec in the eye of 
our brothers and sisters in the developing world. It does seem ludicrous to ask 
the world poorest people to use the most expensive forms of energy. Especially 
in light of our own massive consumption. Perhaps we should let the developing 
nations develop in their own way and if we are really concerned about CO2 then 
the countries that have historically been the worst offenders and have the most 
wealth shoud be the ones to make the sacrifices needed to reduce CO2 levels and 
not the poor.
If you want to find out more about last night program there follow this link: 
There is also a forum on this topic here: 
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