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  • Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 22:20:34 +0100

  to make it easier for me to send out emails to a group of people about 
Climate Change (aka Global Warming) I have created a newsletter which I have 
taken the liberty of subscribing you to.  The newsletter is called Climate 
Matters. If at any time you decide that you don't think the climate matters 
then you can always unsubscribe using the link below. However I hope that if 
you are not already convinced of the seriousness of climate change you will at 
least hang around long enough to hear the reasons why there is no longer any 
doubt (unless you work in the oil industry) that climate change is a fact and 
we have to act  to reduce our impact.
For those of you who are convinced by the over whelming weight of evidence
I urge you to join the Virtual March on Washington to Stop Global Warming 
Click here to Join Now! 
Join the Virtual March! 
The Stop Global Warming Virtual March is a non-partisan online effort to bring 
all Americans together to acknowledge that global warming is here now... and it 
is time to take action to stop it. It is urgent that we get involved now.
It affects everyone. Young, old, rich, poor, urban, rural, right wing, left 
wing, those in the middle. Global warming is a national security problem, an 
economic problem, and a public health problem. And it's not going to get better 
unless we act now. 
Al Gore: The vast majority of the most respected environmental scientists from 
all over the world have sounded a clear and urgent alarm. Global warming is 
real, it is happening already and the anticipated consequences are 
unacceptable. The evidence is overwhelming and undeniable.
Senator Barack Obama: We now know without a doubt that global warming is 
threatening us with higher temperatures, more drought, more wildfire, more 
flooding, and more erosion of our coastal communities. We must act now with the 
rest of the world to curb emissions so that we can leave our children a safer, 
healthier planet. 
Senator John McCain In my view, the evidence is very strongÑand the effects of 
climate change are very alarming. The National Academy of Sciences has stated 
in unequivocal terms that the effects are substantial and the result of human 
Our mission is to use the strength of our numbers to urge: 
1) US government to join the rest of the world in solving global warming, and 
2) American business to start a new industrial revolution and develop clean 
energy products that will reduce our dependence on oil and other pollutants 
that contribute to global warming. 
LeslieClimate Change Action an excellent site which will open your eyes click 
here to visit Climate Change Action
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