[climatematters] Revealing the UK’s true carbon footprint

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Coming Clean: Revealing the UK’s true carbon footprint 

Christian Aid is establising itself as a very active member of the Stop Climate 
Chaos coallition. I beleive that it may also be in attendance at the upcomming 
Global Climate Campaign meeting in Brussels and that it's international 
networks could prove very useful in this capacity.Christian Aid frames it's 
role in fighting climate change thus:
Having established beyond doubt that climate change is also an issue of poverty 
and injustice, Christian Aid believes that the best way to fulfil its remit to 
tackle the scandal of poverty throughout the world is twofold: to find ways of 
stopping the greenhouse gases that are causing the climate to change, and to 
help poor people in dealing with the ravages of climate change on their 
doorstep.In it's latest report Christian Aid asks 'how much carbon are british 
companies actually responsible for?'.
While the actual size of our footprint as a nation is not known, one estimate 
suggests that emissions associated with the worldwide consumption of FTSE 100 
company products amount to 12 to 15 per cent of the global total. In this case, 
the UK’s influence, if not its direct impact, is revealed as not only 
statistically significant, but also critical to the future of the planet and 
its people.
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