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Happy New Year!
      Let's hope that this is the year when we (mankind) start to take our 
responsibility for our environment seriously and we start to put our ecosystem 
above profit and commercialism. I hope you find the items below of some 
interest. I'm assuming that the free DVD's for teachers apply to the USA.
LeslieSubject: Year End Update: 'An Inconvenient Truth' Donated to Teachers

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Stop Global Warming Virtual March12/19/06
"AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH" DVDS FOR TEACHERS50,000 copies of the acclaimed 
documentary will be donated on a first come, first serve basis to teachers 
across the country interested in using the film as a teaching tool in 
classrooms via Participate.net. This generous donation was made possible with 
the cooperation of Paramount Vantage, Participant Productions, The 
Environmental Media Association, and private funders.
The DVD's will be given away starting Monday, December 18, 2006 thru Thursday, 
January 18, 2007. Teachers are encouraged to log on to Participate.net to 
request the DVD, which will be delivered within 6-8 weeks. A free curriculum 
guide is also available for download.
IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE SUMMERGlobal warming continues to disrupt the 
traditional winter holiday season. We've seen record high temperatures in the 
US Northeast. Not long before the city of Boston lit their annual Christmas 
tree, the temperature hit 69 degrees, breaking a 125-year-old record.
High temperatures in Europe have disrupted the ski season, with little snow in 
the Alps threatening low-lying resorts, as global warming has driven 
temperatures to their highest in 1,300 years. Global warming is also 
threatening to put ski resorts out of business in Spain, where nearly all the 
resorts are closed for lack of snow.
SHERYL CROW JOINS THE VIRTUAL MARCHWe’re pleased to announce Sheryl Crow has 
joined the Stop Global Warming Virtual March. As she says, “It is imperative 
that we change the way we treat our planet.” Click here to read her full 
PRINCETON STUDENTS "PULL THE PLUG"We applaud campus groups who are encouraging 
students going on winter break to help conserve energy and reduce their carbon 
footprints. Princeton’s “Pull-the-Plug” campaign asks students to pledge to 
unplug dorm room appliances and electronics and turn down their thermostats 
before leaving for vacation, with volunteers checking rooms for compliance. 
Click here for more on the campaign 
BRIGHT IDEA: CHANGE YOUR BULBSAn easy way to help stop global warming is to 
replace standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), which use 
up to 66% less energy.
In celebration of Hanukkah, also known as the “Festival of Lights,” Virtual 
March partner The Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL) has 
launched a national campaign to get people to change their bulbs to CFLs, and 
become engaged in awareness, advocacy, and action to reduce greenhouse gas 
emissions and promote energy conservation. Click here to learn more about their 
climate change campaign
SAVE YOUR GIFT WRAPPINGGift wrap is a $2.7 billion industry in the United 
States, and almost none of it is made from recycled paper. It’s time to end the 
waste. This year, consider other options such as reusing wrapping paper you 
receive, using newspaper, magazines or recycling your children’s art to wrap 
SGW WEBSITE UPDATE: MARCHER IMPACT PAGESIn an effort to simplify the process 
for joining the March and spreading the word, we have phased out the individual 
marcher “impact” pages, largely due to the fact that our movement has grown so 
large. Our new “Tell a Friend” feature makes it even easier to invite your 
friends and family to join. Keep spreading the word so we can become even 
stronger in the coming year! And watch for some exciting new marcher features 
and communication tools in 2007.
Keep Marching!Laurie DavidFounderStopGlobalWarming.org

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