[climatematters] FW: What will you do for Energy Saving Week?

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Energy Saving Week starts today!

Hi,Today is the first day of Energy Saving Week 2007. If you’ve been thinking 
about doing more to help fight climate change, now’s the time to put those good 
intentions into action. If we all save just 20% of the energy we use everyday, 
together we can make a difference.
This email suggests lots of ways that you can cut down on the energy you use. 
And if you haven’t done it already, make a commitment to save energy today!
You can also find out how influential you are when it comes to spreading the 
word about fighting climate change. Why not take our test to find out how 
influential you actually are.

Around the home: easy ways to save energyWe’d all be lost for a cuppa without 
our kettle – in fact, each one gets used some 1,500 times a year. But did you 
know that by choosing an Energy Saving Recommended kettle, you can use 20% less 
electricity.Read all about Energy Saving Recommended kettles
It’s the same story with set top boxes. They may not be expensive to buy, but 
by 2010 they could be costing UK households around £470m every year in 
electricity.Read all about Energy Saving Recommended set top boxes

A bright idea has got even betterEnergy saving lightbulbs have come of age. 
Nowadays they’re available in all shapes and sizes, to suit all kinds of 
fitting: candle, round, bayonet, screw – even dimmable and halogen. They last 
around 10 times as long as traditional bulbs, and each one can save over £60 
over the lifetime of the bulb.Read all about energy saving lightbulbs

Get a grant to generate your own energyIf you want to save even more, grants of 
up to £2,500 are available to help you generate your own energy at home. The 
Government’s Low Carbon Buildings Programme provides grants for technologies 
like solar hot water panels and wood burning boilers.Read more about the Low 
Carbon Buildings Programme

Lights, climate, action: Sky Green ShootsWe are supporting Sky’s ‘Green Shoots’ 
competition, where budding Spielberg’s and Scorsese’s can submit short films on 
climate change action. The winner will have their 60 second short film shown on 
Sky TV. Read all about Sky green shoots.
Video guidesNot sure where to start with energy saving around the home? Watch 
our video guides for some top tips.
Make a difference this weekSo whether it’s buying an Energy Saving Recommended 
kettle, switching your lightbulbs or looking into generating your own energy, 
there are all kinds of ways you can make a difference for Energy Saving Week.
If you do just one thing, commit to save your 20% today and encourage someone 
else to do the same. Together we can all help fight climate change.
Thank you,
The Energy Saving Trust

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