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Dear all,
Thought you would be interested in reading this and to reward you for taking 
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Stop Global Warming Virtual March10/18/07

NOBEL PUTS FOCUS ON GLOBAL WARMINGCongratulations to Al Gore and the United 
Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for receiving the Nobel 
Peace prize. As Al Gore commented, "This is a chance to elevate global 
consciousness about the challenges that we face now." Thanks to the Norwegian 
Nobel Committee for recognizing the importance of protecting the world's 
climate, and encouraging immediate action.

TOYOTA'S GREEN BUBBLE BURSTING?Toyota, one of the greenest car companies in the 
world, is making an about-face and attempting to derail a bill that would raise 
the fuel economy standard to 35 mpg by 2020. Please let Toyota know that we 
desperately need higher fuel economy standards to stop global warming.
Click Here to send a message to Toyota

CHINA TO BAN INEFFICIENT LIGHT BULBSThe environmental funding agency Global 
Environment Facility has started a world campaign to ban all inefficient 
lightbulbs, and China is the first developing country to agree to join the 
program. Considering China produces 70 percent of the planet's lightbulbs, the 
agreement could bring considerable benefit, mitigating 500 million tons of 
carbon dioxide annually.

STOPPING GLOBAL WARMING ON CAMPUSThis semester Stanford students will be part 
of the largest energy conservation program of its kind. In cooperation with the 
Sierra Club and Resource Solutions Group, the university will distribute 7,000 
compact fluorescent lamps to student residents and staff.
Also in California, Pitzer College has designed and built phase one of its new 
residence halls to the highest rating (Gold) ever awarded by the US Green 
Building Council for residence hall construction. Upon completion of its 
three-phase construction project in progress, Pitzer will likely become the 
first college in the nation to have all Gold LEED certified residence halls.

SPREAD THE WORD ON MTVUWant to represent StopGlobalWarming.org on mtvU? mtvU, 
MTV's college network, is teaming up with Microsoft Windows Live Messenger for 
a new series that will showcase college student activists and the organizations 
they are passionate about. If you or a friend are involved in building the Stop 
Global Warming Virtual March and would like to share your platform with the 
world, please visit casting.mtvu.com for more information.
Keep Marching!Laurie DavidFounderStopGlobalWarming.org

Stop Global Warming Virtual March, 15332 Antioch Street #168, Pacific 
Palisades, CA 90272
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