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Dear All,
hope you find this inspiring

Stop Global Warming Virtual March04/17/07

Hello fellow Virtual Marchers! The movement to stop global warming is building, 
and you are all part of one of the most important moments in human history, the 
moment when we all started to face the urgent issue of global warming and 
committed to be a part of the solution! Our collective voice is strong and 
growing louder by the day to force the leadership of this country to 
immediately freeze and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
The Stop Global Warming College Tour is in full swing. Today we are at Middle 
Tennessee State University, in Murfreesboro, TN, then we move on to Vanderbilt 
University, University of Virginia, and University of Maryland, with a final 
stop on April 22 at George Washington University in Washington, DC, where we'll 
be joined by Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Larry David, Carole King, Robert Kennedy 
Jr. and other special guests for a celebration of Earth Day.
I am constantly amazed at how savvy, energetic and well-informed young people 
are today. History has proved that students have always been at the forefront 
of social change, and it is inspiring to see the passion and commitment to stop 
global warming galvanizing on America's campuses. From Liz Healy, a junior at 
SMU, working to get her campus to buy clean energy, to a young man named 
Rodrigo at Texas A&M, who is the head of the college organization "A&M Clean 
Energy Now," I am encouraged by the fact that there are little grass fires 
being started out there on this issue. Hopefully, before too long, the fire 
will be raging.
Campuses can set the example for their communities and the nation! The carbon 
footprint of higher education is significant. Most campuses are so large, they 
are like small cities. Imagine what could be accomplished on a campus, what the 
purchasing power of a university could be in compact fluorescent light bulbs, 
green paper products, and renewable energy.
At Texas A&M, the Dining Services are fueling their campus delivery truck with 
biodiesel fuel made from used cooking oils generated by the university¹s dining 
facilities. How cool is that? They are making productive use of what would 
normally be considered waste. All campuses should be doing this! This is a 
challenge of massive proportions, one that desperately calls for vision and 
leadership from students and higher education. From all the students we have 
met on the road, I KNOW you are ready and willing to head this challenge!
For more on the Stop Global Warming College Tour, check out 

Keep Marching!Signing off from the road,Sheryl Crow

Stop Global Warming Virtual March, 15332 Antioch Street #168, Pacific 
Palisades, CA 90272
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