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Greetings from Clif Notes Newsletter
November 23, 2008

Below are the headlines from this week's letter.
There won't be a letter next week because of Thanksgiving holiday.

   1. bLADE wiki - another great desktop wiki for quick notes
   2. VDownloader - search, download and convert videos
   3. Easy Unicode Paster - adding exotic characters to a page
   4. WinSonar - protection against unknown programs
   5. Windows Vulnerability Scanner - may not be useful for the average user
   6. AnVir Task Manager - replace Windows task manager
   7. Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel - mount ISO files as virtual CDs
   8. Old Newsletter

   1. What free software do you need?
   2. Gmail Has Themes
   3. Backup Your Gmail Account
   4. GMail Drive - set up multiple free hard drives online
   5. Comments last week
   6. Internet Fixes Weekend Windup

   1. The Dutch Jewel - great organized list of freeware
   2. Turkey Day Video
   3. Shoplifting Seagull Video
   4. CoolSites Newsletter this week

   1. SnapFiles.com - new and updated freeware
   2. News from Sarah in Tampa
   3. Security news from Malware Advisor
   4. A view from CyberNirvana

If you have any suggestions or requests for free software check here.

Go to http://freewarewiki.com/NewsLetters
to see the older newsletters at the Freeware Wiki.

Do you have problems with MS Windows?
See http://www.internetfixes.com/fixes/index.php

Do you have a spyware or trojan infection?
See http://temerc.com

Want to see this week's Cool Websites list?


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