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Welcome to Clif Notes Newsletter
March 8, 2009

Thanks for reading. Here are the headlines from this week's newsletter.

Notice: Upcoming changes to Freewarewiki

I just want to warn you that over the next few weeks you'll be seeing lots
of changes to the look and feel of freewarewiki as my web host, pbwiki.com,
updates the software on my site.

This update will be adding lots of features that I can take advantage of to
make it easier to publish freeware articles and the newsletter. I may also
start adding volunteer editors to the wiki because the new features will
allow better administrative control over the content.

I also work part time at pbwiki.com as a "support guru". If you ever click
the help link at the top of a pbwiki page, you'll either get me or one of my
co-workers here. If you need a free or premium wiki website, be sure to try
it out. It's simply the best online wiki host in my opinion.

 WinMerge - a visual text differencing tool
 LinkExtend - identifies risky websites during web search
 Zotero Firefox Addon - collect and manage your web research
 Online Solutions Autorun Manager - identifying and controlling autorun
 Old Newsletter

 What free software do you need?
 What freebie should I try next?
 Comments from the last newsletter
 Internet Fixes Weekend Windup
 CoolSites Newsletter this week

 SnapFiles.com - new and updated freeware
 News from Sarah in Tampa
 Security news from Malware Advisor
 A view from CyberNirvana

If you have any suggestions or requests for free software check here.

Go to http://freewarewiki.com/NewsLetters
to see the older newsletters at the Freeware Wiki.

Do you have problems with MS Windows?
See http://www.internetfixes.com/fixes/index.php

Do you have a spyware or trojan infection?
See http://temerc.com

Want to see this week's Cool Websites list?


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