[clif_notes] Clif Notes Newsletter - December 12th, 2004

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Hello all,

Welcome to Clif Notes Newsletter.

Thanks to all of you who saw my newsletter at
LangaList and decided you wanted it.

Here are the headlines from this week's letter.
PrintKey2000 - the easiest to use screen capture tool yet
Quicktime Alternative - Get rid of the bloated Apple QuickTime application
Real Alternative - Goodbye forever to Real Player / Real One / Real
Splitter light 4.0 - the very small file splitting utility
SubhashVCD Player - Multimedia Player on Steroids
Transparent Window Manager - manage your window settings
X-RayPc Spyware Remover - a smart replacement for HiJackThis?
Is your copy of Windows genuine and are you afraid to find out?
Langa List - I loaded the code
Martha's Web - are you a responsible computer user?
New Microsoft Security Warning Affects Large Number of Windows
WindowsXP.mvps.org - Registry Fixes, Utilities, Illustrations and Tweaks
History of Nations - where in the world are you from?
PhotoSite.com and PhotoSite AlbumBuilder
Shake the Snow Globe - and listen to them scream
STAR WARS: DUALITY AND BEYOND - can't get enough of Star Wars
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Have fun,


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