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Welcome to Clif Notes Newsletter
December 10, 2006

Thanks for reading my newsletter. Each week, I will have freeware
reviews, tips, tricks, news, and lots of cool websites for you to
check out.

I hope you enjoy this week's letter. Be sure to write me for advice or
yell at me for messing up.

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Here are the headlines this week.


  1. Winterbells - make your rabbit soar
  2. IsoPuzzle - piecing together damaged CDs or DVDs
  3. musikCube - clearly organizing and playing your music
  4. Knytt - stranded on a strange planet
  5. Vector Scape - single player space shooter
  6. KidRocket Kids Browser - safe surfing for young ones
  7. Send To Notepad - handy for copying text
  8. ForecastFox - weather forecast in the Firefox status bar
  9. Internet Explorer 6 Application Compatibility VPC Image
 10. Old Newsletter


  1. MS Mole Report - Defender leaves the gates open
  2. Are registry cleaners safe to use?
  3. Tips from CC
  4. Another Adobe Acrobat security flaw
  5. Comments last week


  1. Tony vs Paul - stop motion video at it's best
  2. Patina's Treasures - great Windows themes
  3. Qunu - live questions and answers
  4. XP Games - nice index of free games
  5. PasswordMaker - One password to rule them all
  6. Websites I've visited recently


  1. SnapFiles.com - new and updated freeware
  2. News from Sarah in Tampa
  3. Security news from Malware Advisor

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