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  • From: "Benjamin Rich" <benjamin.rich@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 12:10:04 +1000


> > - I have made pages for the printing layer (sally) and device layer
> > (norwood), but they're both blank so far. Karol - if you want I can
> > give you FTP access so you can modify these files and put code/explain
> > your aims on them.
> Sure, definitely.  If the Wiki will be up soon, I'll just use that instead.

Just got some new webspace thanks to Michael, so we'll be installing a
wiki on that soon for sure.

> > - I will be adding a FAQ page soon, and will make it available through
> > a link on the menu, and also clicking the new logo, which I'm sure
> > nobody will understand and everybody will instinctiely want to click
> > for answers. Please send anything you think should be included.
> Thanks, Ben!  I will get more involved after this week, because I'm just super
> busy this week.

Me too, I am now majorly sick, and to top that off I have to do two
uni projects in the next week, but in a bit I'll be back online. Give
me your thoughts on moving to autopackage format, I'll be considering
that next once I get the site moved.

> P.S. Any interest in making a Google Summer of Code project?  I'd be all over
> that.  Currently, I'm considering doing a KDE or Python project, which will
> seriously affect any commitments I can make to the CLDP.

I'm not sure what's involved in the summer of code thing, what do we
do? Does it matter that I don't live in America?

What projects are you considering, out of interest?


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