[cldp] news

  • From: "Benjamin Rich" <benjamin.rich@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cldp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006 00:46:26 +1000

Just a few little items:

- I've chosen a logo for the project, it's the Chinese (simplified)
symbol for "easy". I've consulted someone who knows Mandarin, who put
me on to this symbol, as I had previously chosen the one which, though
I thought it meant 'pure; clean and simple' actually meant 'virgin;
untouched, pure of heart - young girl'. So, yeah, that could have been
embarassing - the common linux desktop untouched virgin.

Why Chinese symbols? I wanted to express the aims of the project in
one completely encapsulated element - plus I did a 6month Chinese
calligraphy course once, and it's really cool.

There is another symbol which means 'translation' - it's not specific
to language translating, it's an element that can be put between other
symbols representing a thing which translates between them. In
hindsight that probably would have been better =P  But it's a more
complex symbol and looks like a barred gate when it's rendered tinier
than 64x64.

I wanted something which said simple, straight-forward, "it just works".

- I have made pages for the printing layer (sally) and device layer
(norwood), but they're both blank so far. Karol - if you want I can
give you FTP access so you can modify these files and put code/explain
your aims on them.

- I will be adding a FAQ page soon, and will make it available through
a link on the menu, and also clicking the new logo, which I'm sure
nobody will understand and everybody will instinctiely want to click
for answers. Please send anything you think should be included.


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