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  • Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 15:03:25 -0800 (PST)

I took the liberty of forwarding Rammadge's post on
our website to the list.  Rammadge is now on our clan
list serve.  Clearly he will be a powerful ally.


I felt an introduction was in order after last nights
event. I am Rammadge the Lawbringer, Hammer of the
Tribunal, Shaman of Justice, Shank and now, proud
member of Clan Tronsgaard. 

Rammadge was born to the streets of Halas, a ward of
the cold, unforgiving Everfrost mountains. As a child
of the streets, the White Rose trained me in the arts
and I became a common thug and enforcer. I scored my
first kill at only my fourth winter. I was welcomed
into the Shanks before my tenth winter and have taken
their cause as mine. Sometime during my 19th winter
Rammadge was hunting in Everfrost when he was
confronted by an avatar of the Tribunal. My true
calling was revealed to me in a vision and Rammadge
was reborn the Lawbringer, a chosen shaman of the

Since that time I have done little but bringing down
the Justice of my lord on the infidels who scourge our
lands. With my trusty gavel the Lawgiver IV, I have
brought down over a hundred mutants. I have roamed the
lands of Norrath since the discovery of the continent
of Velious here on Vallon Zek. I stood sentry over
Freeport protecting its young back in the day when
they where vulnirable to the nightly raids of the
darks. I have cleansed Highold, and the mutants fear
the Lawbringer in the Karanas. I have many enemies,
and until last night, few allies. 

It is an honor to be accepted into Clan Tronsgaard. I
have known no family, save the Shanks. While young in
winters, I feel I am very experienced more akin to
that of a grizzled vet. You will find me honorable,
loyal and a bit rigid at times. The Lawbringer looks
forward to getting to know his new clan. My hammer is
at your service. 

Safe travels, good hunting, and may the Tribunal guide
you all. 

Rammadge Tronsgaard 

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